The Musealization of Street Art: Changing Space, Shifting Perception

2- Street Artists and Their Medium

     As mentioned, to analyze the effect of musealization on Street Art, six artists were chosen to represent the various media of Street Artist. Each of the artists chosen were selected based on the following qualifications. Each artist showed originality and innovation within the medium they represent, with each medium requiring different techniques of execution, allowing for various sizes of the work, with both size and technique having a specific impact of the time that it takes to create a piece of illegal artwork. Furthermore, each medium represented by one of the six artists has a different impact on the urban environment, and is affected in different ways by the effects of time and exposure to the elements. Furthermore, the artists selected provide various perspectives on street art as a whole, and allow for a more complete discussion on the musealization of Street Art. As such, I decided on Shepard Fairey, an artist well known for his wheat paste posters, Banksy, arguably the most notorious stencil artist, Invader, unique for his mosaic street art, JR, a photographer who identifies first and foremost as a Street Artist, Blu, a muralist, and Clet Abraham, a sticker artist. Through the analysis of these artists, this thesis will provide insight on the recent trend of placing street art into a formalized museum space.

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